To compete in the Miss Rogue Valley & Miss Applegate Scholarship Program, a potential candidate must first complete an application and meet basic eligibility requirements.

  • Be contract-free from any other pageant system in order to compete in the Miss America Scholarship Program.
  • Be a must be a resident of the Rogue Valley for at least 6 months prior to the local competition or; be registered as a full-time student within the Rogue Valley or; be employed full time (32 hrs wk) within the Rogue Valley for at least 6 months prior to the local competition or; employed part-time (16 hrs wk) and attending school part-time (6 hrs wk).  Entrant must maintain the basis for which she claims eligibility throughout the local and state competition.
    For the avoidance of doubt, 13 to 17 -year- old high-school graduates, as well as 18-year-old non-graduates as of July 31st, must compete at MAO Teen level.
Miss America 2018

Areas of Competition


Interview (25%)

The Private interview is ten minutes long and assesses the contestant’s preparedness, professionalism, and her ability to articulate her thoughts quickly and effectively. This phase of the competition is always first and has the largest impact on a judge’s choice in the winner.

Talent (40%)

Every candidate has 90 seconds to perform a talent of her choice in front of the judges and the audience. This phase assesses the contestants’ dedication to her craft and stage presence. Talents include but are not limited to singing, dancing, theatrical monologue, and instrumental performances. Performances must be done alone (accompaniment music is allowed) and talents involving fire, archery live animals and firearms are not appropriate talents for the competition. For this phase, the entertainment value of the performance is just as important as the raw talent.

Evening Wear/Social Impact Statement (20%)

Allows a look into how the candidate exhibits her own personal style, attitude, personality, grace, presence, and confidence while making her own statement about her mission for the job. Looks into composure, confidence, the attention she captures on the stage, her command of the stage, presence and how she appears in the spotlight. Allows the ability to judge first impression reaction and a look at posture and carriage while providing a chance to hear a candidate’s presentation of her social impact initiative for social media in a different setting.

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