Miss Rogue Valley talents must be 90 seconds or less and can be almost anything that is entertaining. We have had finger painters, monologues, photography displays, contortionists, costume design showcases, athletic demonstrations, singers, dancers, magicians, and the list goes on!

Your final selection and music accompaniment (if applicable) is due no later than TBA. You will be expected to perform your talent each week for the directors so that we can help coach you and get you ready to put your best foot forward pageant night. Lindsay Darneille, one of the Co-Executive Directors of Miss Rogue Valley, makes herself available (by appointment) for talent selection, music acquisition, and talent coaching FOR FREE! Our goal is to help you be 100% confident in whatever you choose. You may contact Lindsay anytime September-December for private talent coaching. That means you can reach out during the application process too!

Selecting a Talent

We understand that selecting your talent for a pageant can be just as nerve-wracking as actually performing your talent. But, don’t worry. The world today is much more open to the idea of what talent actually means – and that means that we can help anyone find a talent! The Miss Rogue Valley Scholarship Program also offers complimentary talent coaching to help you select a talent, find the right music, and perfect your performance for pageant night.

If you are struggling to choose what talent you should perform at a pageant, here are some things you should consider:

1. What is your biggest hobby/ what do you spend the most time doing? Talent is supposed to be fun, so what do you love? When the audience and judges see that you’re passionate about your performance, they, too, will enjoy watching it. While vocal, dance and instrumental performances are the most common, there are many other options too!
2. If it is not a typical talent for pageants, share it with our talent director, Lindsay, who can help you think of a creative way to display it. For example, ice skaters have roller-skated on stage, gymnasts have brought in mats, and athletes have brought out baskets of balls to showcase their skills. The most important thing to remember is to start early so that you are ready when pageant day rolls around.
3. Be confident! This is a big deal!  Don’t be afraid to be you. Don’t try to fit in the box you think a titleholder is supposed to be in. This is one opportunity to show us, the judges, and the audience who you are.
4. MusicalCreations.com is a great resource for finding pre-cut 90-second music accompaniment for vocal performers. Before falling in love with a song, make sure that you can get a 90 second cut of the music you need. You are not required to use musicalcreations.com, it is just one resource we have found to be helpful. Many contestants know a friend or relative who can help them get their music. Just make sure that you have the music early enough to practice with, and to turn in by the deadline of TBA.