Miss Rogue Valley, Miss Applegate, Miss Rogue Valley’s Outstanding Teen, and Miss Applegate’s Outstanding Teen will work with their MRV team to develop goals to advance their chosen Social Impact Initiatives, setting metrics and developing partnerships which will show positive results for their community at the end of their year. In addition, they also serve as ambassadors for the Children’s Miracle Network; raising funds and awareness for families who otherwise would not be able to afford quality medical care in urgent circumstances.

As such, public speaking is an essential role of our titleholders as well as for each step that you achieve in the Miss America Organization. As our local representative, you will research and prepare speeches to deliver to audiences of all sizes. You will speak with the media and act as representatives of MRV with sponsors, partners, students, and community members.

When choosing a Social Impact Initiative something to consider is if your service is achievable at the local level, state level and at the national level should you become Miss America. Some women have chosen to volunteer in an area that has touched them personally, such as homelessness, mental health awareness, breast cancer, etc…Other women have selected an area to volunteer that has led them to their future career, such as, STEM, Make a Reader Today, Food Bank, etc… Maybe you have been involved in FFA, Girl Scouts, 4-H, a sorority service project, a work service project and these have inspired you to continue as a leader or volunteer. Check-in with us if you would like us to help you discover where you can serve.