On-Stage Questions (15%)

The On-Stage Interview phase of competition advances the same criteria as the personal interview by bringing it on stage in an interactive and substantive highly energetic way to showcase each candidates’intelligence, personality, charisma and aptitude for the job.


Interview (25%)

The private interview is eight minutes long and assesses the contestant’s preparedness, professionalism, and her ability to articulate her thoughts quickly and effectively. This phase of the competition is always first and has the largest impact on a judge’s choice in a winner.

Talent (35%)

Every contestant has 90 seconds to perform a talent of her choice in front of the judges and the audience. This phase assesses the contestant’s dedication to her craft and stage presence. Talents include but are not limited to singing, dancing, theatrical monologue, and instrumental performances. Performances must be done alone (accompaniment music is allowed) and talents involving fire, archery, live animals or firearms are not appropriate talents for the competition. For this phase, the entertainment value of the performance is just as important as the raw talent.

Evening Wear & On-Stage Question (25%)

The evening wear competition gives a contestant the opportunity to project her grace and presence on the stage. Contestants generally wear full length and age-appropriate gowns but there are no limitations on the style, cut or color. The onstage question gives the audience a sneak-peak into the private interview. It consists of one or two questions asked during competition night and is used to assess a contestant’s ability to articulate her thoughts under pressure.

Lifestyle & Fitness (15%)

The Physical Fitness competition is about physical health and confidence on a stage. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy. Contestants wear the athletic gear of their choice (unless provided by the board). They may wear wardrobe specific to a sport or physical activity in which they participate. Heels and swimsuits are not appropriate for teen contestants for this competition.